Visit Learn CMS Pemalang In RSUB

Brawijaya University Hospital (RSUB) receives a visit to learn from students/students of SMK Islam Medika Bantar Cargo, Pemalang on December 27, 2017. This educational activity is aimed to acquaint the profession and to exchange experience in pharmaceutical units and nursing that are on RSUB.

The event started at 09.00 WIB-paradise room 3rd floor RSUB. Before entering the core event, attendees played video safety breafing for space bird-to anticipate in the event of an emergency. On this occasion, the event was opened with a welcome from Vice General Director and finance, Drs. Ali Djamhuri, M. Com., Ph. D., CPA, AK, then continued a welcome from the principal of SMK Islam Medika Bantar Cargo.

The next event, discussion and q & a from the nursing units delivered by Rizki Dawn Bahtiar, Amd. Kep as Chairman of the Committee of the Nursing and Pharmacy units delivered by Jeffri Arisandi, s.., Apt as the head of the installation Pharmacy RSUB. Before beginning discussions, Jefri gave ice breaking up so attendees who were present in the room keep the spirit.

Students/students of SMK Islam Medika, also had the opportunity to visit the Pharmacy and see the depo inpatient space existing in RSUB. Enthusiastic pupils/students in obtaining new science is visible from the questions asked and answered when the presenters give the question. The show ends with onsite vandel and photos along with the Director of the RSUB, Dr. dr. Andyk Yuka Meonk, Aswoco Sp. An and all students/students and teachers SMK Islam Medika Bantar Cargo.