Visit SMK Amanah Husada Pemalang in RSUB

Mon (16/4), student/students of SMK Amanah Husada Pemalang learning visit to Hospital University of Brawijaya (RSUB). On the visit, was greeted by the head of The Sri, Juniarsih, Sos, m. AB and representative medical team RSUB.

On that occasion, students/students receive three session material, of which about Nursing, Triage, and PPI (Prevention and control of infection. The first session of material concerning the exposure of nursing presented by Rizki Dawn Bahtiar, Amd. Kep as Chairman of the Committee on nursing.

 The next session, the exposure material about Triage presented by Alberta Christian Bersnis, Amd. KEP. then proceed with the session's last delivery of material about the PPI presented by Ns. Mohamad Spurs, S. Kep. as the representative of the UIC Committee. Enthusiastic pupils/students in obtaining new science is visible from the questions asked and are active in answering the questions of the presenters, as well as the passion for learning how to wash hands properly, according to the WHO, i.e. 6 step 5 moments.


In addition to getting the material, students/students of SMK Amanah Husada had the opportunity to visit some of the places that are at the service of the RSUB, IGD, ICU, inpatient care, and patient registration process that is on RSUB. The show ends with onsite vandel and photos together.