TK Samuphahita Goes To RSUB

Brawijaya University Hospital (RSUB) received a visit from a pupil learning KB/TK/TSA SAMUPHAHITA Malang on 12 April 2017. This educational activity is aimed to acquaint the profession who work in hospitals and provide knowledge of brushing my teeth and washing hands properly.

The event started at 08.00 am and the meeting room-paradise. The next session, the profession regarding the exposure in homes, education to the pupils how to wash hands and brushing my teeth, and gives the knowledge about dental health that is described by one of the pediatrician who is on RSUB, dr. NI Luh Putu Herli Sp, m. a., m. Biomed and drg. Augustine.

TK Samuphahita Goes To RSUB

After being given education how to wash hands and brushing my teeth, the students also visited the Park to practice direct RSUB wash hands properly while seeing the sights that are soothing to the eyes. After that, students do examination and measurement of height and weight.

RSB_0056 crop

In addition to direct practice, disciples KB/TK/TSA SAMUPHAHITA the opportunity to enter into the room the doctor and introduced some of the equipment used doctors to examine patients. The show ends with a photo and SNSD together by both parties.