The Spirit Of Shared Morning Gymnastics Healthy Heart

Friday (28/10), Brawijaya University Hospital return to routine activities i.e. morning gymnastics with.  About 200 people present in this activity. Gymnastics led by Instructor Paula begins at 6:30 PM until.  There are different views and atmosphere at this time, gymnastics. If the morning gymnastics is usually synonymous with the music up high and aerobic movements, but the gymnastics along this time using more moderate tempo because gymnastics is gymnastics held the heart healthy. RSUB gymnastics activities in cooperation with the community of heart healthy Malang is not inferior to the gymnastics-gymnastics conducted last week, this time the Gymnastics run excitedly while accompanied by Eve.

Heart healthy gymnastics is an activity that is done to maintain heart health in order to remain stable. The existence of the Gymnastics community heart healthy this poor City be one of encouragement and a trigger that everyone loves the organs in the body especially the heart. Brawijaya University Hospital Director, Prof. Dr. dr. Djanggan Sargowo, SP. PD, Sp.JP (K) hope Brawijaya University Hospital would later also have heart-healthy Gymnastics Group so it can synergize with other communities to maintain heart health.