The activities of the health service Briefing in preparation for Operational RSUB

      Wednesday (19/10), Brawijaya University Hospital received a visit from the Department of health (Health Office) of Malang represented by dr. Nusindrati, m. Case as head of the Ministry of health. On this occasion, dr. Nusindrati, m. Kes was accompanied by Siti Marfuah, SH as representatives from the Led Ub and RSUB Director Prof. Dr. dr. Djanggan Sargowo, SP. PD, SpJP (K) along with the Deputy Director of the Hospital of the University of Brawijaya reviewed the entire room and medical facilities in RSUB. The activity begins with driving around the area and continued with the awarding of the RSUB briefing related operational preparation RSUB. The event was attended by all the doctors and the Coordinator of the work units of the Hospital of the University of Brawijaya.

      "Health Office sure later RSUB may also soon and hope in the future can have hospitals that are able to meet the needs of community service for all citizens of Malang in particular with the best quality," says dr. Nusindrati, M. Kes. The briefing also presented by the Director of the RSUB, Prof. Dr. Dr. Djanggan Sargowo, SP. PD, SpJP (K). On this occasion, the Director of the RSUB deliver, "in the near future all things to come will soon be filled. The expectation in order for the month of November we've been holding a licences operational ".

rsub 1                                               (Director Of The RSUB, Prof. Dr. dr. Sargowo, Djanggan Sp. PD, Sp.JP (K) gives a description of the RSUB source: Publicist RSUB)

      The granting of the permit means health is a government accountability to the public that the health facilities that have been granted such permission has met the standards of service and security aspects of the patient, so that the licensing is very related to the standard and quality of service coupled with one of the roles health service of Malang providing assessment of hospital classification review the readiness of the RSUB in providing service.

rsub 2

                       Dr. Nusindrati, m. Kes, Kabid health services of the health services of Malang visit one room facilities that are on RSUB-source: Publicist RSUB)