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Brawijaya University Hospital Official Operating

Sunday (18/12) is a highly-desired days for large family Ub especially RSUB following the Decree no 445/13/35.73.112/2016 from the hapless Mayor stating that the hospital which is located in the village Mojolangu and Jatimulyo is officially in operation. Secretary General of the Ministry of Research, technology and education (Kemenristekdikti) Professor Ainun Na’im, Ph. D., MBA […]

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Get fit with healthy heart Gymnastics

          Friday (28/10), Brawijaya University Hospital return to routine activities i.e. morning gymnastics with.  About 200 people present in this activity. Gymnastics led by Instructor Paula begins at 6:30 PM until.  There are different views and atmosphere at this time, gymnastics. If the morning gymnastics is usually synonymous with the music […]

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Healthy together Academic Hospital University of Brawijaya

Friday (12/10): 30 p.m. EST, medical personnel, medical, and other non-powered energy non health agenda, namely, gymnastic routine morning together. Gymnastics at the field hospital Academic University of Brawijaya Malang (RSAUB) is led by instructors from the RCA Gymnastics Studio Dwi Malang. Aerobic gymnastics lasted for 1 hour and then continued with the meal together. […]

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