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Vaccine schedule ORI DIPHTHERIA stage 2

Brawijaya University Hospital (RSUB) had previously been carry out immunisation diphtheria/Outbreak Response Immunization (ORI) Diphtheria phase one in February 2018. ORI Diphtheria have to be done three times to form the immune system of the bacteria corynebacterium diphteriae. For parents who have children and have done a diphtheria immunization phase one, diphtheria immunization can continue phase […]

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Immunization Schedule On RSUB

Immunization is an attempt for prevention of infectious diseases is done by giving the vaccine so that the person has antibodies or immune system that will effectively prevent the transmission of certain diseases. In accordance with the Health ACT Number 36 Year 2009 which States that the Government must provide full immunization to every baby […]

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