and rsub PT Aastazeneca degree Round Table discussion related asthma

Saturday (8/9), co-working with Brawijaya University Hospital (rsub) PT Aastazeneca Event "Round Table discussion: Tatalaksana asthma in children and adults" held right. The event, located in the basement of the 8th floor of the C Rsub building, began with 09.00 – 13.00 GMT. At present at this event the representative of the doctor was faskes the city of Malang.

The show started with a song in Indonesia and a video safe breafing play. The following events, speeches from medical services and nursing deputy, Dr. Gift of Widyaningrum, Mmrs. In a roundtable discussion, this time the mediator acts as a PhD. Judy Dibbi flies. The delivery of the beginnings involved the development of material and child asthma treatment was carried out by Dr. Laurentia, Monica, SP, M. BioMed. In addition, the submission of materials was carried out by the DR, which linked the management of both development and adult asthma. Satia Rakhma, Sp. P. With this event, physicians are expected to increase their understanding of response to physician-related asthma and asthma.