Health tests Prospective Lecturers and the security Commander of UB


Brawijaya University (UB) worked with the Hospital of the University of Brawijaya (RSUB) in conducting the selection process of candidates for Non-Permanent lecturer of the CIVIL SERVANTS and the security Commander of the Brawijaya University Appointment. Total participants who follow this selection as much as 228 people from the prospective of Non-Permanent Lecturer PNS UB and 9 people from security officer of UB.

The first day (29/10), Prospective participants of the Non-Permanent Lecturer of CIVIL SERVANTS come in accordance with predetermined shift to follow psychiatric tests in Space bird-RSUB. Furthermore, the participants selection Candidates for Non-Permanent lecturer of the CIVIL SERVANTS and the appointment of the Commander of Security UB divided in three shifts (30/10 – 1/11) for the following health tests which include: physical examinations, examination of laboraturium (a complete urine test, a blood test is complete, Clinical Chemistry), and photograph of Thorax, ECG, whispered (ear) test, and a test of Visual acuity (eye).

Health Tests Candidates UB Professors

In the process these health tests, assigning eight RSUB general practitioners assisted nursing personnel and some of the medical support personnel/other non-medical. Good work productivity must be supported by a healthy human resources. Dr. Dendri Kusuma, one of the RSUB doctors participate in the implementation of health tests says, "with the psychiatric tests, health tests and Ub will be increasingly confident that prospective lecturers and some security commanders in a State really healthy, including not having any disease that could interfere with the time worked or who can pass on to other co-workers ".

Participants of selection of candidates for Non-Permanent Lecturer PNS consists of faculties that exist in UB, among them: the Faculty of Economics and business (FEB), Faculty of law (FH), the Faculty of Administrative ScienHealth Tests Candidates UB Professorsces (FIA), cultural studies (FIB), Faculty of computer science (FILKOM), Faculty of social and Political Science (FISIP), Faculty of Medicine (FK), Faculty of dentistry (DENTISTRY), Faculty of veterinary medicine (FKH), Faculty of agriculture (FP), the Faculty of fisheries and marine sciences (FPIK), Faculty of animal husbandry (FPT), Faculty of Engineering (FT), Faculty Of Agricultural Technology (FTP), MKU, PPS, Commissioner (VOK). The result of these health tests will be directly sent to the Led to be evaluated further.

      Security Commander Of UB Health Tests