Gapai Blessings of Ramadan 1439 H Together RSUB

Commemorating Ramadan 1439 H, Brawijaya University Hospital (RSUB) took up the theme "Enhance Ukhuwwah Insaniyah, Gapai Blessings of Ramadan". A series of activities held during the month of Ramadan 1439 H, including routine recitation of the Qur'an, tadarus, iftaar, and free medical check up.

Routine investigations activities implemented after Dhuhr and presents several ustad from outside RSUB, such as Ustad Asad Abu Haidar (Krebet), Ustad Alfin Sohih (Unfortunate), Ustad Azhar Reza (Unfortunate), and Ustad Abdurrohim Sa'id (Unfortunate). Meanwhile, Al-Qur'an Tadarus activities carried out before and after the Dhuhr salat ASR.

Furthermore, the activities of Ramadan 1439 H filled with Open along with the leadership along with employees of the RSUB, as well as the community around RSUB and invited guests was held on Monday (4/6) is housed in the Lobby of the building C RSUB. In this activity, present Choirul Anam Faris Ustad, Lc., MHI as the Maghrib Athan toward akbar talbligh and the priest pray Maghrib.


The series of activities of Ramadan 1439 H ends with the activities of free medical check up for the mosque around RSUB. On this occasion, Ramdhan RSUB cooperates with the mosque and the mosque of Al Ghiffari in residential neighborhood Griya Shanta. These health checks, including checks of blood pressure, blood sugar, uric acid, and consultation with a doctor.