Rumah Sakit Universitas Brawijaya

Medical Check up

Medical Check Up is preventative efforts can do to avoid losses caused by sudden health problems. By implementing a regular Medical Check Up at least once a year, health will be monitored properly. Various types of Ministry for health screening, fully equipped according to your needs we have set up. The patient will be examined by a medical team comprising doctors experts supported with lab and radiology equipment.

Medical Check-Up consists of several basic health checks that include the following options:
1. Treadmill
2. Rontgent/Photos Of Thorax
3. Electrocardiography (ECG)
4. Anamnesa & Physical Examination
5. Laboratory Examination
6. Ultrasound (Ultrasonogafi)
7. Papsmear
Papsmear is a procedure to know the existence of natural cancer cells of the cervix is a woman