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and rsub PT Aastazeneca degree Round Table discussion related asthma

Saturday (8/9), co-working with Brawijaya University Hospital (rsub) PT Aastazeneca Event "Round Table discussion: Tatalaksana asthma in children and adults" held right. The event, located in the basement of the 8th floor of the C Rsub building, began with 09.00 – 13.00 GMT. At present at this event the representative of the doctor was faskes […]

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Visit National Taiwan University Hospital at Yunlin branch of Rsub

Tuesday (14/8), Brawijaya University Hospital (RSUB) received a visit from the National Taiwan University Hospital's Yunlin Branch (Ntuhyl) in an international workshop activity on the teamwork and rapid response team presucration the ACL. Attending the Nursing department chair Fkub, Dr. Ahsan, S. Kp., along with the ranks M. case. In this case, medical services and […]

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Visits RS UIN Syarif Hidayatullah in RSUB

Friday (10/8), Brawijaya University Hospital (RSUB) received a visit from hospital management UIN Syarif Hidayatullah. The visit was conducted in the framework of discussions with related information governance administration, finance, and personnel between the RS and RSUB UIN Syarif Hidayatullah. The event started at 08.00 WIB, housed in the basement of An 8th floor RSUB. […]

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Memorial Weekend Asi World 2018

Brawijaya University Hospital (RSUB) contribute in commemorating the Weekend World falls on Asi 1-7 August 2018. Take the theme "Breastfeeding: Foundation of Life, Weekend World ASI celebrated this year aims to alert the communities around the world about the importance of BREAST MILK for growing flowers fruit hearts. BREAST MILK contains nutrients that are very […]

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