Prevent Diphtheria Vaccine with Diphtheria in RSUB ORI

Diphtheria is a contagious disease caused by a germ Corynebacterium Diphtheriae. Diphtheria can be contagious through direct contact, spit Sparks, and an open wound. According to information of Ministry of health of the Republic of Indonesia, the disease is highly infectious and dangerous due to the easy can cause death in 5-10% of sufferers.

Diphtheria characteristics include:

  • Fever temperature of approximately 38 ◦ C
  • There is a greyish-white membrane on the throat
  • Sick time swallow
  • The neck swells like the neck of a cow (bullneck), caused due to swelling of the glands of the neck
  • Shortness of breath accompanied by sound (stridor)

Primary prevention of Diphtheria is by immunization. Brawijaya University Hospital (RSUB) supports the Government's campaign to take part in the prevention of disease Diphtheria vaccination provides services with ORI Diphtheria. Outbreak Response Immunization (ORI) is the special supplementary immunization activities carried out in areas that are experiencing extraordinary events (of the OUTBREAK) and needs to be done 3 times to form the body's immunity from bacteria Corynebacterium Diphteriae.

Vaccines Diphtheria ORI available on RSUB currently earmarked for people aged 1-19 years. The vaccination services are opened every day Monday-Friday, 08.00 – 14.00 o'clock EDT on Poly Specialist Child RSUB. Let's protect the son of beloved daughter from vaccination with Diphtheria outbreaks ORI Diphtheria and the pattern of healthy living.