Accreditation, Evidence Of Commitment To Improving The Quality Of Service Of The RSUB

Hospital accreditation is a recognition of the hospital provided by the independent agency that accreditation be generally defined by organizers of the Minister of health, after the votes that the hospital meet the standards of the applicable Hospital Services to improve the quality of Hospital services on an ongoing basis (Permenkes No. 12 year 2012 on the accreditation of hospitals). Accreditation aims to improve the quality of service and safety of hospital patients. Hospital accreditation obligatory periodically once every three years in accordance with the regulations contained in Act No. 44 in 2009 about the hospital, article 40 paragraph 1.

Independent agencies implementing the accreditation of hospitals in Indonesia recognized the Government is KARS (Commission on Accreditation of hospitals). KARS as a non-profit organization whose vision is to be the body of national and international accreditation, as well as a mission to guide and assist hospitals in improving patient safety and service quality through accreditation, has get international recognition from The International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), international institutions that accredit accreditation agencies in some countries.

Brawijaya University Hospital (RSUB) in an attempt to improve the quality of hospital services, has been implementing the accreditation of hospitals held on 13-16 December 2017. The accreditation standards used by KARS at the time of accreditation in the accreditation is the standard version of the RSUB 2012. Standard service hospitals in Indonesia is updated again to become national standards of accreditation Hospitals issue 1 (SNARS Ed 1) which will start to be applied per 1 January 2018.

The event begins with a Hospital Accreditation with a welcome from the Rector of the University of Brawijaya, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Bisri, p., accompanied by the Director of the RSUB, Dr. dr. Andyk Yuka Meonk, Aswoco Sp. Along with the ranks of the leadership of an RSUB, which took place at the Hotel Santika Malang (13/12). Furthermore, dr. R. Heru Ariyadi, MPH as the Chairman of the team's schedule during the clarify accreditation surveior accreditation and provide a written statement regarding the code of ethics surveior next submitted on RSUB Director was accompanied by the Rector of the UB.

Accreditation of the first day (14/12), beginning with the opening in the Hall 8th floor of building C RSUB and continued with the introduction of surveior. At this session, the Director of the RSUB, Dr. dr. Andyk Yuka Meonk, Aswoco Sp. An gives opening remarks at once exposure on quality improvement and patient safety as well as MDG's. Next, review the respective document pokja third conducted jointly with surveior followed by a search of the room. Attended at the opening ceremony, the Rector of the UB, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS, Vice-Chancellor of 1, Dr. Sihabuddin, sh., MH and environmental officials in Ub, Director, and Director of the RSSA RSUB periods 1, 2, and 3.

Second day of accreditation (15/12), beginning with the klarfikasi and the input from the Chairman of the surveior team, dr. R. Heru Ariyadi, MPH to the Director of the hospital, then continued with a presentation on Clinical Practice Guidelines, FMEA/Clinical Pathway, Risk management, patient safety Incident that was attended by all the surveior that were presented by dr. ASRI Prameswari, SP. PD and drg. RR. Merina Diah Eri Nurmasari. Furthermore, surveior do a search that is in the back room RSUB. The second day of the event, closed with the evaluation and follow-up of the findings of the draft surveior.

Accreditation third day (16/12), starts with starts with klarfikasi and input back from team surveior Chairman, dr. R. Heru Ariyadi, MPH to the Director of the hospital. Furthermore, the surveior did the interview to the Rector of the UB Chairman, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS and proceed with the search. The event closed with the exit conference.