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RSUB Hospitality Together With Citizens

04/05/2017 Humas RSUB News

The hospital is a means to meet the needs of the community in the field of health is primarily a community around RSUB. The closeness between the communities surrounding RSUB especially RT 10/05 RW Jatimulyo Village of Malang with Parties increasingly RSUB dipererat with the meeting or silatuhrami on April 18, 2017. The event was opened by the Director of the RSUB, Prof. Dr. Dr. Djanggan Sargowo, Sp. PD, Sp. JP (K). Drs also present. Ali Djamhuri, M. Com., Ph. D., CPA. AK (Deputy Director General and finance Fields), as well as Dr. IR. As'ad Munawir, MT (Deputy Director of Field and infrastructure). In the meantime, the citizens of the present Chairman of the RT and its administrators a RT 10/05 RW Jatimulyo Village and mothers Dasa Wisma.

Silatuhrami citizens of RT 10 and RSUB

Silatuhrami citizens of RT 10 and RSUB

On this occasion, the management of the RSUB and residents conduct joint discussions continued to look at the facilities and infrastructure of the hospital inpatient space, like IGD, as well as sewage treatment on RSUB. The meeting is expected to further strengthen the relationship between the ropes RSUB with citizens.