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Improve Service To The Public, RSUB Back Signed A Cooperation Agreement With The Wellness Branch Of The Bpjs Malang

09/01/2019 humas rsub Activities, News, Pengadaan

Social security governing body is always innovating to facilitate its users for the sake of getting maximum health services one of which is an online reference system which is done digitally to tiered referral process so that participants get the ease and assurance of service at the hospital, and the Hospital of the University of Brawijaya.

Tuesday (8/1), Director of the Hospital of the University of Brawijaya, Dr. dr. Andyk Yuka Meonk, Aswoco Sp. An, FIPM back signed a cooperation agreement with the Wellness branch of the BPJS Malang. The event started at 09.00 BST was attended by the Director of the hospital type C se-Poor Kingdom. The process of signing a cooperation agreement led by the head of the BPJS Branch Health Poor, Hendry Wahjuni, SE., MM. Dr. Andyk explained that the cooperation between the BPJS RSUB is pewujudan from the vision of the Mission of the RSUB to provide excellent service to the public in accordance with the Tri Dharma Universities.