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Accreditation, Admits RSUB Organized Pit Stop

18/10/2017 humas rsub Activities

Brawijaya University Hospital (RSUB) is an institution of the Ministry of health is required in particular can give such services to the community in plenary. As a form of recognition of the Government that have met the quality standard RSUB, then RSUB prepare to be judged by a single independent agency trusted by the Government as assessors over the quality of service hospitals, i.e. KARS ( The Committee On Accreditation Of Hospitals).

See the importance of the assessment will be the quality of the service, then the RSUB within five months this memersiapkan myself with all the resources and facilities that are owned in order to pass judgement later. The Preparatory Committee conducted Accreditation RSUB, one of which was hosting a Pit Stop Accreditation where this event is a form of refreshing quality of service standards and patient safety with the concept of learning activities that are fun, so expected results the maximum understanding for the Pit Stop.

The show Pit Stop which was opened by Dr. dr. Andyk Yuka Meonk, Aswoco Sp.An, as the Deputy Director of Medical Services Field RSUB is an activity of dissemination of some working group (Pokja), namely: pokja KPS (qualifications and Education staff), ICM (Communication and Information Management), Management (MFK Facilities and safety), PPI (Prevention and control of Infection), MPO (management and drug use), PPC (the right patient and family), and SKP (patient safety Goals) of employees includes medical and employee RSUB non-medical.

Pit Stop RSUB

At the Pit Stop RSUB held in the Hall of paradise described about BLU (Business Service Agencies), socialization and education about Basic Life Support (BLS), socialization Groove and how to resolve the complaints of the patient/patient's family, the granting of material and the practice of the use of fire extinguishers for participants Pit Stop which is directly explained by the UPT. Fire Department city of Malang, and supply other materials pertaining to knowledge that must be mastered by the employees medical and non medical in the hospital.

Pit Stop RSUB

Events are held on 4-5 December 2017, according to Committee Chairman dr. Hamimillah Hannan, "the purpose of the Pit Stop of this accreditation is to accelerate the process of socialization that is present on the element assessment accreditation, in addition to accelerate understanding and implementation of accreditation material required by the entire RSUB employees ".

RSUB provide the certificate for each participant that is followed by approximately 300 employees including the security officer and the cleaning service of related basic training against catastrophic fires of the UPT. Fire Department city of Malang, so it can be used as a benchmark over the knowledge, ability and skills in accordance with the applicable standards. The show pitstop that goes well and smoothly closed with pre-test for all participants of the Pit Stop.

Pit Stop RSUB

Pit Stop RSUB